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Are you ready to create your own music but find that all the major music software platforms sometimes seem to take a rocket scientist to figure out? Do you have the latest and greatest sequencer and thought it would make you sound great but your mixes still sound muddy, squashed, distorted or just thin and weak? Do you learn best by looking at how other people put together tracks? Or with a proper framework or guidance?


We Can Help!

Just a Few Good Ways Our DAW Templates & Production Tools Help.

logic, ableton, cubase midi templates

Ableton, Logic, Cubase & More

Now you can create your midi -based dance music on top of a professionally arranged dance music production template. We've created the midi file -loaded templates with all our technical knowledge so you can put down your heart, your brain and your creativity and get to making your own dance music fast. 

Get to Being Creative Faster

You get to do this right away and have your dance music production sound as good as the pros do without knowing everything about sound engineering. As an added bonus, you can also spend time and 'reverse engineer' our dance music templates to get a first hand lesson on how to make your own mixes sound great.. 

logic, ableton, cubase midi templates


Learn From the Pros

One of our most recent music production templates was done by the legendary artist from Way out West, Jody Wisternoff. Imagine having Jody come into your music studio and fix all the settings to make your mix sound amazing- we'll he's already done it and now you can open up his song file and learn from him. 



Kick Tail Signal Flow

With every template, you get professionally optimized channel strips, instrument racks, Reason combinators, synth patches, arrangements, compression tricks & grouping tricks available to learn from and add to your collection 


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No matter how much experience one has, everyone can learn something from someone else


You can use inspirational tools and still maintain your originality

The process of creating music should bring sheer and utter joy




What the Pros Think




 “This idea is the sort of thing that would have saved me literally MONTHS of work when I was starting out.” - Elite Force

“I definitely think it's great for beginners, I would have loved access to a project file like this when I was a novice.” - The Rogue Element

“It’s a noble thing to get involved with and I think it’s quite clever because it’s another outlet to learn from. -Jody Wisternoff of Way Out West